Business Opportunity Update

This post will be by far less serious than the last one – but still a little serious! You’re welcome.

I’m a little less than a week away from an interview with people who are interested in my work with Red Flag. If this works out, I will eventually make game development my full-time focus.

Video games have always been a passion of mine, and a hobby from a very young age. Once the very personal Red Flag is finished, I can finally put this feeling of being incomplete to rest – and move on to projects for helping other people, not just people who have been in  my situation.



Working on Red Flag is sometimes too much, so I take a step back and work on other game dev projects. Because I live with anxiety and depression every day, it is not uncommon that even thinking of creating something this personal will send me into a very uncomfortable place. That place used to be filled with alcohol and smoking, but these days it’s mostly burying myself in video games or books. While the alternative is healthier for my body, it’s still a complete disconnect for my mind.


ForestIt’s also why I know this game has to be finished. If there are other people out there like me, then they should be given every opportunity to move forward.

So here’s hoping the interview goes well!


Current to-do list:

  • Rework & finalise dialogue after second draft
  • Redo first scene with improved models for demo
  • Create more art assets for transition shots
  • Fix Maya into Unity animations
  • Implement inventory system (Possible use of Fungus, but more likely use of iCode)
  • Rework UI to be crisp and more easily read